Q8 strives to protect our future generations and the communities where we operate by committing to sustainable standards of performance in every part of our supply chain. Our goal is to use our natural resources responsibly, provide cleaner products and greener services, and reduce our carbon footprint.

Propelling Prosperity

Propelling Prosperity is about delivering sustainable energy and mobility solutions targeting Net Zero by 2050 and to do it purposely creating shared value for people and planet. It is deeply rooted in our company core values and ethos and propelled by embedding sustainability in our DNA and through continuous stakeholder engagement.

Built on 3 Pillars

New ways of doing business
Reflects the idea of Q8 creating long-term shared value through innovation in order to respond to stakeholder needs.

Enabling Energy Transition
Our commitment to Net Zero by 2050, across our value chain and with a net positive aspiration.

People Enhancement
Means strong belief and investment in people, both employees and communities where we operate

Rooted in our Values

Integrity, One team, Commitment to HSSE, Innovation,
Partnership, Caring for people, Pride, Excellence.

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Engaging with our stakeholders

A sustainability mindset is pivotal for Q8 to adapt to market and societal changes. This ongoing dialogue helps us identify deep latent needs and transform them into innovative solutions. Working in orchestration with our stakeholders enables new value propositions that could not be delivered in isolation.

Embed in our DNA

By working on our competences every day we connect them with our values building trust with our stakeholders. Together as one, we work in embedding sustainability in our DNA. An ongoing process that requires dedication and elasticity to adapt the velocity of travel when needed to continue contributing to the globally shared sustainable goals.

KPI Sustainability Report

Download the latest KPI Sustainability Report to see
our progress across the 3 dimensions of our strategy


Q8 Italia Sustainability Report 2022/23

Q8 Italia Sustainability Report 2022/23

The report analyses the Q8 Italia's commitment and achievements in the areas of Environmental, Social and Governance and in line with the Sustainable Development Goals of the UN Agenda 2030.

Q8 Benelux Sustainability Report 2021/22

Q8 Benelux Sustainability Report 2021/22

In this Sustainability report produced by Q8 Retail Benelux, we aim to describe to our stakeholders what sustainability means to Q8 and discuss the most material aspects of our sustainability performance in 2021 and into 2022.

Code of Conduct - 2020

Code of Conduct - 2020

The intent of this document is to provide a set of guidelines​ to all employees in the conduct of their business and professional​ activities. Especially when dealing with colleagues, vendors,​ customers, contractors, government agencies and the public.​

Business Management System Policy​ - 2023

Business Management System Policy​ - 2023

In operating our business responsibly, we will seek to ensure that measures appropriate to the nature and scale of our activities, products, processes and services are in place in order to maximize positive impact and eliminate where possible, or minimize, any potential adverse impact.