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Service stations 

Q8 has a European network of more than 4,400 Q8 branded service stations extending across six European countries: Italy, Denmark, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg and, in Sweden, as the OKQ8 joint venture.

Responding to customer demand for a low price, no frills service, Q8 also operates a network of 24 hour unmanned service stations. These are branded F24 in Denmark; Tango (Tank and Go) in the Netherlands and Q8 Easy in Italy and Belgium.

Innovative retailing

Q8 is at the forefront of developing forecourt retailing and constantly seeks to expand the range of goods and services offered at Q8 service stations for motorists and local communities.
In some markets this is achieved by establishing partnerships with other companies. In Benelux, for example, an alliance with supermarket chain Delhaize provides a mini supermarket service, Shop n’ Go!

Services are constantly reviewed to ensure that they meet customer preferences. As a result, the Qvik to Go shops at Q8 service stations in Denmark even include a range of organic food to promote healthy evening.

Car wash is an important service for motorists and Q8 offers one of the most advanced carwash operations in Europe.

Protecting the environment

Q8’s strong reputation for environmental sensitivity is reflected by innovations at service stations. In Denmark and Italy, the first climate-friendly service stations have been launched and plans are in hand to extend the concept of zero-carbon service stations across the network