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Q8 refinery’s high environmental performance  

Research has confirmed that Q8’s operations at the Milazzo refinery have minimal environmental impact on its surroundings in the Gulf of Milazzo, which is one of Italy’s most beautiful coastal regions.  

The Milazzo refinery is one of Europe's most sophisticated refineries and is ISO 14001 certified, signifying the highest standards of environmental management. 

As part of its corporate social responsibility programme, the refinery’s management company (RAM) commissioned the Institute for Environmental Protection and Research (ISPRA) to assess the quality of water in the Gulf of Milazzo, in particular around the refinery.  

The independent research was conducted using state of the art research techniques, which included measuring pollution levels by assessing the biodiversity of fish and health of other aquatic species. 

Results were presented at a meeting hosted by a leading Italian journalist and attended by the Mayor of Milazzo, together with representatives of the National Centre for Research, universities of Messina and Pisa, Environment Ministry and RAM. 

Alessandro Gilotti, Chairman of RAM and Managing Director of Kuwait Petroleum Italia, comments: “We have made a substantial investment over the past decade in environmental protection at the refinery. We are delighted that these positive research results confirm the success of our efforts and provide valuable reassurance to the local community and authorities.”

20 Sept 2011

More information: Neil Grieve – KPI Corporate Communications - [email protected]