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Q8’s world premiere for green fuel 

Press Releases – 11 April 2011

Q8’s International Diesel Service (IDS) has opened, in Stockholm, Sweden, the world’s first public ED95 service station for heavy duty vehicles. ED95, a mix of 95% ethanol and 5% ignition improver, is one of the few green fuels available for heavy vehicles and reduces carbon emissions by up to 90%.

Göran Lindblå, Executive Chairman of joint venture company OKQ8, comments: “As a leading fuel company, we can now offer a more sustainable option and of course we are very proud that this is the world’s first public ED95 filling station.”

As part of Kuwait Petroleum International, which has a strong environmental ethos, it was natural for IDS to seek to provide greener fuel to its customers. IDS is a driving force in the Clean Truck project in Sweden, an ongoing initiative that seeks to set up filling stations for renewable heavy truck fuels and to test environmentally friendly trucks.

IDS Service Station

OKQ8 has long been a pioneer of renewable fuels in Sweden. In 1994 it opened the first E85 service station for passenger cars and, in 1998, the world’s first bio energy service station. More recently, in January 2009, IDS opened the first heavy truck filling station for 100% bio diesel (RME - rapeseed methyl ester).

IDS is dedicated to the fuelling needs of long haul road transport companies. It is one of Europe’s leading fuel card suppliers and has a network of more than 600 unmanned 24hour truck sites across Europe.

The successful OKQ8 partnership has captured around 28% of the retail fuels market in Sweden and is well placed to pioneer the environmentally friendly fuels of the future.

For more information please contact Neil Grieve, Marketing Manager - [email protected]